Provided by Lyn Dexter and Ron Russell
Useful web links
As I am sure you are all aware by now, Ron and I had the opportunity to attend the Neighborhood
Conference in Sarasota.  The conference was a series of one and a half hour lectures.  One such class
offered a list of resources available on the Web.  Below is a list.  Such resources can supply helpful
information.  We are currently reviewing them and intend to place some on our web site for you to link to.
 If you have any additional links you feel would be helpful to your neighbors, please let us know!

This is a list of the rescources given at the neighborhood seminar.

"Neighborhood Watch Programs"

"Information on Home Security Systems"

Neighborhood Link (provides free interactive community website)                    

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 (safety campaign for residential speed limit)

National Neighborhood Watch Institute     (crime prevention)

National Do Not Call Registry            (limits telemarketing calls)

Federal Drug Administration           (food and drug info written for kids)

Community Associations Institute     (provides education to board members) (association management strategies)